Use Custom Embroidered Clothing To Promote Your Business

Custom embroidered clothing is an excellent tool for promoting any business today. The average number of impressions that your Custom Embroidered Clothing will get is 2,300 or more. Here are some more facts and tips on how to use custom clothing to promote your business in the Upper Valley.

Promotional products deliver the same or better ROI (return on investment) than traditional medias. Customers today can fast forward through tv commercials, skip radio ads and block online popup ads. They can’t ignore your logo Custom Embroidered onto your shirt while you are talking to them or standing in line. Branding your logo on items like pens, pencils, shirts, hats, and jackets are simply cost effective advertising.

Here are some more ways promotional products are better than traditional advertising:

  • Promotional products are kept on average for seven months. That is literally pennies on the dollar for advertising your business.
  • 63% of people reported passing a promotional product onto a friend, family or customer in 2013. This report basically means your brand goes beyond your standard customer reach.
  • The average customer owns up to 10 different promotional items like pens, shirts, drinkware, magnets, sweatshirts and t-shirts.
  • 53% of customers today feel good about businesses that use promotional products in advertising. 36% of those customers said they would do business with those companies that used promotional products.

Charity events are not the only type of event you can get involved with. Check out organizations like BNI (Business Networking International); they are ideal for creating new B2B connections. Sponsor local sports teams like softball, baseball, or bowling leagues. Don’t forget about sponsoring local school sports teams. These are typically run through the local recreation center and need all the sponsoring they can get. Customers see how you have sponsored local teams and it immediately connects you with the community.