Here at Mary’s Embroidery we use technique that have been mastered and tweak over 15 years and more to produce unique and appealing services to clients of all platform. Everything we do are inhouse from digitalising of logos/artworks, embroider, direct to garment printing to screen printing and packaging/delivery of the final product.

We digitalise every artwork that is required inhouse to ensure that you like what you see before commencing with an order as we are able to amend according to your business model.

Embroidery is one of the handicraft procedure of decorating fabric or other materials with a needle and thread/yarn. Today embroidery is usually applied and seen on caps, hats, tee shirts, napkins, dress/formal/corporate shirts, aprons, stockings and many more.

Direct to garment printing also known as digital printing is one of the latest process of printing onto cotton garments. Using an artwork process through a computer to a printing machine projecting ink onto a textile using specialised ink jet technology.

Screen printing is the use of forcing ink through a carefully prepared screen of cotton material to create a picture of pattern. One colour is printed at a time giving a bold and thick outlook of an artwork.

All of these branding techniques we provide are used in everyday casual wear that you may have already encountered. From the baseball cap you like to wear to the favourite tee-shirt you would never throw out regardless of how torn up it is.