Branding and Design

We provide branding and marketing materials for your unique brand. This range from stickers, garments, badges, digitalis of logo and recommendation based on past experience. Everything is done inhouse therefore we ensure you get exactly what you want/need.


We specialize in embroidery services, adding more value to your brand with over 15 years of experience in this industry. Our lead time is extremely short for the price that we charge. If we are able to frame it we can embroil it.

Screen Printing and Direct to Garment

Our printing include flat print and Puff. We will assist in identifying and customising products and deliver urgent jobs with fast turnaround times

Services We Supply


Precious and detailed embroidery services that can be applied onto garments such as t-shirts,hoodies to accessories such as hats, bags, pencil case and much more. If we can frame it we can embroil it.

Direct to Garment Printing

Using high quality water based ink and leading edge technology in Direct To Garment (DTG) service we are able to provide realistic printing onto any garment that is 100% cotton. Due to the material we use we ensure that we are more environmentally healthy whilst providing comfortable garments.

Screen printing

Using updated screen printing rotating machines we are able to provide short lead time on any big orders. We use water based ink to provide comfort reducing friction from garment to skin.

Garment supplies

We are able to provide garments ranging from work wear, hats/caps to as simple as a black tee shirt. Some of our suppliers are: Shiny - Winning Spirit, Identitee, AS Colour, RAMO, DNC, New waves, and Quality headwear. However you are more than welcome to bring in your desired garment.

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